Name of Company Business Category E-mail Phone/Fax (+263) Website/Webpage Physical Address
Econet Wireless Communication enquiries@econet.co.zw 04-486121/6 www.econet.co.zw 2 Mutare Road, Msasa, Harare
Rainbow Tourism Group Hospitality reservations@rainbowtgrp.co.zw  250500/4 www.rtg.co.zw Pennefather Avenue, Harare
Interfin Merchant Bank Financial Services iam@interfin.co.zw 04-790791/6 www.interfin.co.zw 3rd Floor, Social Security Centre, Julius Nyerere/S. Nujoma St. Harare
Gam Plastics Packaging gamplax@africaonline.co.zw 04-781051/2 www.gamplastic.com 30 Bristol Road, Workington, Harare
Kingdom Financial Holdings Financial Services kfl@kingdom.co.zw 04-749400/9 www.kingdom.co.zw 3rd Floor, Karigamombe Centre, 53 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare
Victoria 22 Restaurant Hospitality wollmann@vic22.co.zw 04-776429 www.victoria22.com 22 Victoria Drive, Newlands, Harare
Turnall Fibre Cement Manufacturing, Fibre cement products enquiries@turnall.co.zw 04-754625/9 www.turnall.co.zw 5 Glasgow Road, Southerton, Harare
Shelter Zimbabwe Land Developers shelter@ecoweb.co.zw 04-757549 www.shelter.co.zw 17th Floor, Century Towers, 45 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare
Peace Security Company Security peacesecurity@zol.co.zw 04-251972   15 Walterhill Avenue, Eastlea, Harare
Perfect Print Printing sales@denaise.co.zw 0912456067 www.denaise.co.zw 52 Manyonga Road, Glen Lorne, Harare  
DHL International Courier Services hrewwer@hre-avi.dhl.com 04-700120 www.dhl.co.zw Villa Gardens, 4th Street, Harare
Precision Grinders Agro & Mining Equipment, Steel Manufacturers sales@precisiongrinders.co.zw


0913253953/5/6 www.precisiongrinders.co.zw


55 Craster Road, Southerton, Harare
The Wattle Company Timber Industry marketing@wattle.co.zw 020-63821/020-63821 www.wattle.co.zw 3 Durban Road, Mutare
Afrosoft Holdings Information Technology info@afrosoft.co.zw 04-702055/702135   3rd Floor, Beverley Court, Cnr 4th/Nelson Mandela Ave, Harare
Linx Computers Information Technology linxcomputers@earth.co.zw 04-704984   18 Cleveland Ave, Milton Park, Harare
Comic Equipment Suppliers afroship@africaonline.co.zw 04-751585/774276/8   No. 9 Five Avenue, Harare
Eagle Estate Agents Real Estate eagle@syscom.co.zw 020-68204/020-62533   Shop No. 2  Murray's Building, 93 Hebert Chitepo Street, Mutare
Finment (Pvt) Ltd Computer Hardware guradudley@yahoo.com 0913068956   Suite 128, 1st Floor, Gowero House, 148 Mbuya Nehanda Street, Harare
Generations Shopfitters Shop-fitting gsshop@mweb.co.zw       sochaz83@yahoo.co.uk 04-668357/668388 www.gsshopfitters.co.zw No 6 Darwin Road, Workington, Harare
Cimas Medical Aid marketing@cimas.co.zw 04-777300/753567 www.cimas.co.zw Cimas House  Cnr Jason Moyo & Harare Street, Harare
Sanders Opticians Opticians armheyes@mweb.co.zw 04-702766/790412   96 Five Avenue Cnr Sam Nujoma Street,  Harare
Sanders Opticians Opticians armheyes@mweb.co.zw 04-757464/752164   No.2, ZB Hse, Cnr 1st St/Speke Ave, Harare
Lancemark Corporate Wear sales@lancemark.co.zw 04-702511-6 Fx722057   4thFlCABS Centre, J Moyo Ave, Harare
Brentoni Menswear Outfitters sales@lancemark.co.zw 04-702169/790276   Shop 15, ZB Life Towers, Cnr J Moyo/S Nujoma St
LeatherWorld One Stop Gift Shop sales@lancemark.co.zw 04-703568 Fax 708090   Shop No.2, CABS Centre, J Moyo Ave, Harare
Mick Davis Menswear Outfitters sales@lancemark.co.zw 04-702511/6, Fax 722057   Shop No.5, CABS Centre, J Moyo Ave, Harare
Sivad Woman Ladies Fashion Retailers sales@lancemark.co.zw 04-706283, Fax 722057   Shop 5A, CABS Centre, J Moyo Ave, Harare
Agrianalysis Centre t/a Aglabs (Pvt) Ltd Agriculture,Mining,Catering & Municipalities saimonk@aglabs.co.zw 04-750651 www.aglabs.co.zw Colcom Complex, 1 Coventry Road, Workington, Harare
Allied Insurance Insurance info@alliedinsurance.co.zw 04-730187/189/191/195-7   3rd Floor, Tanganyika House, 3rd St/Kwame Nkrumah Ave, Harare
Caterquip Catering/Bakery/Refrigeration Equipment caterquip@africaonline.co.zw 011430435/0912241571 Fax 661674   Unit 5172 Willowvale Road, Graniteside, Harare
Konak Enterprises t/a Konak Walling Construction konak@mango.zw, konaksales@mango.zw, konak@zol.co.zw 04-757008/09/80 011324302 0733411583 Fax 754799 www.cifoz.co.zw/konak/index.htm


35 Shepperton Road, Graniteside, Harare
Hangazha & Partners Legal Practitioners hangazha@africaonline.co.zw  tendaihangazha@yahoo.com 04-762012/761571 0912766860 0912400776   2nd Floor, North Wing, Travel Centre, 93 Jason Moyo Avenue Harare
Royal Business Consult Trust Enterprise Development Consultants info@royaltrust.co.zw 793285/6 Fax 793287   6th Floor, South Wing, 101 Kwame Nkrumah Ave,  Harare
Eastern Districts Engineers Engineering edes@mweb.co.zw 020-62230 Fax 61029   6 Vumba Rd, Paulington, Mutare
New Reinsurance Company of Harare (Pvt) Ltd Insurance newre@newre.co.zw 04-708826/791275/791738 Fax 04-796951   4th floor, South Wing, Pax House, 87 - 9 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Harare
Dees Engineering (Pvt) Ltd ICT deesengineeringzw@yahoo.com 04-797158/705821/707870 0912777993   10th floor, Northwing, Bard House, 69 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare
Guest Amenities & Chemicals Manufacturers of Hospitality toiletries guestame@mweb.co.zw wadzuda@mweb.co.zw 04-791929/731227   6th Floor, Vanguard Centre, 104 Jason Moyo Avenue, Harare
Medco Debt Management (Pvt) Ltd Debt Management wisemedco@gmail.com 0913501306/0915206560 04-250085/6 2928105   2nd Floor, East Wing, Equity House, 82 Rezende Street/Jason Moyo Avenue, Harare
Grimm Freight P/L t/a The Cartridge Zone Computer Cartridges andrewc755@gmail.com 04-761 660, 0912816987 www.thecartridgezone.net Suite611-612, 6th Fl. Equity House, 82 Rezende St/J.Moyo Ave, Harare